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You can make your first income as early as next month

Open EMS studio in your city

  • Break even within
    5 months
  • Launch within
    1-2 months
  • Unique competitive

About your EMS studio

The Premises

Studio sized: 50m² +
Equipped with: EMS XBody Device
Approximately Workload: 16-20 workouts per day


Weight reduction
Shape correction and
Helps to relief back pain
After pregnancy and childbirth recovery
Post trauma rehabilitation

EMS technology

EMS-fitness – controlled effect on muscles through electrical impulses

The results of training are almost impossible to achieve when working out in a traditional gym within such a short time frame

Advantages of the Impulse Fitness franchise

  • Quick Launch
  • The whole process from submitting the application to the opening of your studio can take 1-2 months

  • New Fitness Direction in the UK
  • For the UK this is a new technology and there are still few competitors on it! Be the first in your region!

  • Payback period of 5-6 months
  • High net profit

  • Minimal requirements for the premise
  • You can start in a unit of a size of 50m2

  • Highest profitability
  • The highest profitability per 1 m² within fitness industry

  • We will help you to get your first clients
  • Even before you have opened. You can get your investments back very fast.

    Benefits you get from Impulse Fitness

  • EMS equipment will be supplied directly from the manufacturer with a €500 discount
  • 5-year warranty included for the electrodes in the workout suits
  • 2-year warranty for X-BODY device
  • Marketing
  • Brand book
  • Marketing materials
  • Informative guide with detailed guidelines explaining how to open and operate a studio
  • Training provided for studio owners aimed towards maintaining and increasing sales
  • Customer Service Management
  • Effective workout programmes
  • Subscription system
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Information
  • Optimised business process system
  • Unified IT systems of sales accounting
  • Personnel Management Support
  • Help with selecting and recruiting of instructors and managers
  • Free PT training provided for all PTs which once completed they will be awarded an international certification from the manufacturer of X-BODY which allows them to conduct X-BODY ems training sessions, they are also entered into the trainer database which is available for all X-BODY members around the world
  • Free and regular training which further advances the initial training of your staff
  • Free complete package of documents required for personnel management
  • The Concept of the Studio
  • Premise selection assistance
  • Individual design project
  • Guide to the corporate design of the studio
  • Guide to corporate style
  • Studio equipment guide
  • Team of Professionals Impulse Fitness
  • Assistance and support at all stages of business development and our cooperation
  • Loyal customers already waiting for your studio to be opened
  • The benefits of working with a well-known brand network
  • To get more information please leave your phone number below and we will give you a call back

    6 steps to opening your fitness studio

    Application and consultation

    Signing the agreement

    Selection of premises and design project development

    Refurbishment, recruiting and personnel training

    Pre-sale of subscriptions

    Official grand opening

    The principle of EMS workout is simple. Electronic impulses, which affect the muscles directly, and exercise 90% of your muscles simultaneously.

    They are configured in such a way that the interaction occurs only with the upper part of the nerve endings of the muscles. It’s absolutely safe, harmless and even feels good!

    The technology itself has existed since the 70s and is used in the rehabilitation of cosmonauts, in sports medicine, professional sports and physiotherapy, but only in the last few years is used to fully replace traditional fitness workout.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A 20-minute workout on an EMS simulator is equated to a 2-hour session in a traditional gym due to the simultaneous workout of 90% of the muscles.

    If you find that you have any of these contraindications, it is advised you seek permission from the GP before taking any sessions

    • Age up to 18 years;
    • Epilepsy;
    • Use of a cardiac pacemaker
    • Pregnancy;
    • Severe blood circulation problems;
    • A hernia of the abdominal wall or groin;
    • Tuberculosis;
    • Progressive arteriosclerosis, arterial circulation disorders;
    • Severe neurological diseases;
    • Diabetes;
    • Febrile illness;
    • Acute bacterial or viral processes;
    • Bleeding, severe tendency to bleeding (hemophilia);
    • Neoplastic diseases;

    You don’t longer need to bring a large and heavy bag for training. All you need is: your underwear and socks. Everything else you can get in the studio. You will be provided with the necessary equipment

    The result can be felt and seen after the first workout. We know that each client has an individual level of physical fitness, that each has their own wishes and expectations from EMS training and that the body of each person reacts differently, especially in the initial stage of training. That’s why special training programs are developed and they are different from one another. The optimal number of sessions are: 2-3 times a week.

    Yes, it is safe. An electrical impulse replicates the natural reaction of the body when the central nervous system sends a signal to the muscles. There is no strain on the joints. Training is suitable for people with any level of physical fitness. Moreover, electromyostimulation has been actively used in physiotherapy for professional athletes for more than 60 years, including athletes preparing for Olympic Games, as well as cosmonauts.

    Yes, of course. Back pain is most likely due to undeveloped musculature and muscle imbalances. EMS-training will tone up the muscles due to exercising of the deep muscles of your back. Lymph drainage massage at the end of the workout will help to consolidate the result.

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